How to DIY a Perfect french Manicure at Home

There is nothing more  passionate than doing a perfect french manicure by yourself. You just have to follow simple steps and you will find your nails with perfect salon quality french manicure.

What you will need?

  • Nail polish – White
  • Base coat
  • Nail polish remover
  • Cotton
  • Nail guide or tape
  • Nail cutter

Step One : Trim your nails

Trim your nails to the desired length. You can shape them as curved or the box, as you desired. But keep in mind when its comes to the french manicure, the longer they are, the better.

Step Two: Apply your base coat

Paint on a thin layer of sheer pink polish, and let your nails dry for a couple of minutes. Repeat this step again with a second coat of polish, and allow your nails to dry (or cure) before moving on.

Step Three: Apply nail guides / Tapes

Once your base coat is all dry, place the nail guides on them to snag the perfect white tip. Based on the length of your nails you can decide the size of the white tip.


Step Four: Apply top coat

Remove your nail guide and apply top coat to seal the polish. Voila, you’ve just completed your very own French manicure!




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